The Multi-raster® is a versatile base plate for all kinds of surfaces. It allows loads of up to 250 tonnes per m2 and offers important environmental benefits when compared to asphalt or concrete hardened surfaces. Fields created using Multi-raster® continue to be permeable to water and prevent overloading of sewer systems. This makes it the perfect way to combat flooding. It protects the soil against erosion and maintains the microclimate and living space for micro-organisms. Since the Multi-raster® almost entirely integrates into the ground covering used, from an aesthetic point of view it is a perfect and versatile solution.

Multi-raster® for grass

Multi-raster® base plates allow grass surfaces to be loaded and driven over without causing tyre tracks or mud pools. Even when used frequently, the grass stays fresh and continues to grow without damaging the grass seeds. The unique water and feeding reservoirs hold water and nutrients for longer which means that the grass stays nourished even during drier periods. Growth of up to almost 100% is possible. The result is a fine, green turf with the strength of an asphalted road.

Multi-raster® for gravel

The Multi-raster® base plates mean that splashing gravel and unsightly holes in the gravel bed are now a thing of the past. The gravel bed stays in perfect condition. The Multi-raster® can be supplied in various colours.

It has numerous benefits:

  • Lightweight, simple and fast to lay
  • Extremely versatile and can be filled with many materials
  • Provided with hooks to anchor the lattice which is ideal for slopes and banks
  • Can support loads of up to 250 tonnes/m2 and complies with the Copro standard
  • Remains permeable to water
  • Avoids overloading of drainage systems
  • Soil and microclimate are protected against erosion
  • Growth of up to nearly 100%
  • Always accessible, no slipping (anti-slip profile) or sagging
  • Frost and UV resistant
  • Retains its shape, even when temperatures fluctuate
  • Can be completely recycled
  • Meets the most stringent quality requirements

Applications of the Multi-raster®:

Car parks and entrances and exits, children’s play areas and playgrounds, walking paths in parks and allotments (safer and more stable for mobility scooters and wheelchairs), cemeteries, public buildings, offices and flats, helicopter platforms and glider runways, slope and bank reinforcement, roads and pathways in marshlands and nature reserves, temporary hardening of surfaces (events), dike reinforcement, ridable lawns, sports grounds and recreational areas, holiday parks and camp sites, golf courses, riding schools, open-air theatres, leisure parks, etc.

Why choose Evertech ?

Evertech's modular coating are one of the most ingenious , solid and flexible coating in the market.

Here is a list of the 'Versacourt Modular Tiles' advantages

• Quick and cheap install.
• Low-cost maintenance.
• Easy to install.
• Easy to remove.
• temporary or permanent placement.
• The most silent coating in the market.
• Revolutionary assembly system.
• Unique elasticity.
• Spring inverted voltage mechanism.
• Cold and heat resistance.
• resistance against discoloration, humidity, moisture and bacteria.
• 7 guaranteed years against discoloration.
• 10 guaranteed years against torn module.