Evertech is the sole dealer for Versacourt modular indoor and outdoor flooring in Europe.

Evertech modular flooring is easy and fast to install, it has exceptional quality and is supplied at competitive prices.

Furthermore, you can rely on Evertech for all kinds of sports accessories and the high-quality, Multi-raster® base plates to reinforce all surfaces.

Our products:

• External flooring

• Indoor flooring

• Accessories

• Multi-raster®


Why choose Evertech ?

Evertech's modular coating are one of the most ingenious , solid and flexible coating in the market.

Here is a list of the 'Versacourt Modular Tiles' advantages

• Quick and cheap install.
• Low-cost maintenance.
• Easy to install.
• Easy to remove.
• temporary or permanent placement.
• The most silent coating in the market.
• Revolutionary assembly system.
• Unique elasticity.
• Spring inverted voltage mechanism.
• Cold and heat resistance.
• resistance against discoloration, humidity, moisture and bacteria.
• 7 guaranteed years against discoloration.
• 10 guaranteed years against torn module.