Why choose Evertech?


  • Due to its unique elastic properties, Evertech modular flooring places less strain on joints.
  • Evertech flooring is inexpensive to install and maintain. It is available in many different colours and can be easily personalised.
  • The unique production process means that Evertech flooring is resistant against discolouration, humidity, mould formation, bacteria and also cold, heat and temperature fluctuations.

More information:

Why choose Evertech ?

Evertech's modular coating are one of the most ingenious , solid and flexible coating in the market.

Here is a list of the 'Versacourt Modular Tiles' advantages

• Quick and cheap install.
• Low-cost maintenance.
• Easy to install.
• Easy to remove.
• temporary or permanent placement.
• The most silent coating in the market.
• Revolutionary assembly system.
• Unique elasticity.
• Spring inverted voltage mechanism.
• Cold and heat resistance.
• resistance against discoloration, humidity, moisture and bacteria.
• 7 guaranteed years against discoloration.
• 10 guaranteed years against torn module.